Thursday, 21 January 2010

Chicken Nesting Boxes Simplified

Those of us keeping Chickens are often looking for way we can keep our costs down. This can be done by trying to build Chicken nesting boxes for free or at very little expense. If you think about it there are lots of things that may be suitable for the purpose.

A Chickens nest box does not have to be complicated and you may find that you have things laying about that will be very useful for the purpose. Think about what Chickens would like to lay their eggs in and take it from there. They are not fussy birds and anything of suitable quality may just be ideal as a Chickens laying box.

Anything that is plastic has an advantage in that it is easy to keep clean. Cleaning out Chickens is a bit of a chore so it is in our best interests to make the area where they lay their eggs as easy to clean as possible. Something that can be wiped down in a short space of time means that it will be done more often. It also means there is less chance of bacteria building up where they lay their eggs.

So what could we use? An old washing up bowl would be ideal. If you can cut a little opening in to the bowl then the Chicken will have easy access to the bowl and will be more than happy to lay its eggs inside. A chickens nesting box can be as simple as this if there are monetary concerns. Chickens are really not fussy birds at all.

Of course you could also try old crates and wooden boxes as nesting boxes for your Chickens. If you have a surplus of these the you may find them ideal. Anything wooden is harder to keep clean though but if it is what you have then it may be worth trying. If you have lots of old crates then it makes more sense than throwing them away.

If you use a crate of some sort make sure to cut down one side so the Chickens can gain easy access to the area where it will lay its eggs. You want to make it as easy as possible for the Chicken to enter. This way it will get used to its new box quicker.

Although there are a lot of very reasonably prices Chicken nesting boxes on the market, if you have limited funds then these ideas may well be worth a try.

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