Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Chicken Care - Why It's Important

Chicken care, like all pet care, is important both to the health of the chicken and the owner. Many people think that because chickens are farm animals or outside animals, that they can pretty much take care of themselves as long as they are fed and given water regularly.

This is an unfortunate misconception because although it is true that chickens spend much of their time outside, they need to be kept warm and dry. Both the chickens and their coops need to be kept clean as well, to ensure that the chickens stay in good health.

This may seem like a lot of work, but like any pet, chickens need to be treated with care and love. If a chicken gets sick, it can easily make all of the other chickens (assuming you have more than one) sick as well. The chicken's handler or owner can also get sick from the chickens, especially if the chickens are being raised for meat (hopefully not!).

There is also a moral element. Taking on a pet comes with the responsibility that the pet will be cared for properly, and to not do so is pretty much abuse. If you are thinking about a chicken as a pet, then you should seriously consider the commitment it will take to properly raise and care for the chickens.

Ultimately, chicken care is most important for the happiness of both the owner and the chicken. Happiness contributes to good health, and good health contributes to longer life, as well as a more fulfilled life. It is proven that pets contribute to the happiness of the owner, helping to combat depression and loneliness.

Although chicken care may seem like a daunting task, it really isn't, especially when you have a complete guide to chicken care. The more information you have on chicken care, the better off you will be in having happy, healthy chickens.

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