Monday, 3 October 2011

Keeping Chickens at Home is Not Difficult When You Know the Fundamental Steps in Caring for Chickens

Chickens can be kept in a small place at your home, even at the backyard. There is no need to create a special area for them to proliferate in, for keeping chickens at home is the usual setup when it comes to maintaining them. It is relatively easier to take care of chickens compared with other kinds of animals that give products ready to be sold.

Keeping chickens at home need not be tedious. All you need to do is to have a small chicken coop, one which is kept clean and gives enough room for the chickens. Fresh water and food must always be readily available for chickens. There are designated meal times wherein you will feed the chickens, but in between those small portions of food must be present for the hungry ones. One of the advantages that you are keeping chickens at home is you can experiment with their diet by giving them bits and pieces of the food available to you. Chicken droppings must also be constantly cleaned from the coop to maintain a healthy environment.

The sanitary condition of your chicken coop must abide by the community rules on rearing poultry. The failure of which can lead to you being forced to dispose off your chickens. Make sure that you know the rules and follow them obediently.

When keeping chickens at home, sometimes you think that a very small space that sufficiently encloses them will do. However, you must take heed of their need to scratch, peck and perch. There is nothing better than them feeling comfortable in their surrounding. Another important thing is to remember not to cage them, otherwise they will feel stressed out and will not be healthy. In line with their health condition, you must always check up on them and observe whether some of them are sick. In case there are sick chickens, separate them from the group immediately and treat their condition to prevent further sickness in the coop.

Probably one of the reasons why you are keeping chickens at home is the eggs they give. There are chickens that are territorial with their eggs, and their area, but you have to make sure that you approach the coop calmly. Do not threaten them by aggression.

Most importantly, you have to make them safe in their coops. Predators such as hawks need to be kept away from them so that they remain calm and healthy. Parasites must always be checked before they infest everyone.

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