Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tips To Easy And Simple Built Chicken Coops

If you are thinking about rearing chickens, then you have a job at hand and that job is, you have some chicken coops to build in the near future. It is important now to begin to research and consider what type of chicken hutch plans you will need for your own specific requirements.

Several blueprints and floor plans are available in today's market for the beginner do-it-yourself builder as well as the experienced woodworker. In this article I will discuss several of the different types of chicken coops to build and their construction process.

Before you start building a chicken coop, there are several crucial points to consider, such as; the area of backyard you have available, the amount of chickens you're going to own and do you plan on raising chickens for yourself and family or a money-making commercial venture.

If you're interested in rearing chicken to meet the white meat and egg demand of your home, you only need to raise a relative small number of hens and you can choose from a few easy types of chicken coops to build to get the job done. If you are going to do a small business and want to rear chickens for commercial purpose you will definitely need a large chicken coop and a different set of chicken hutch plans.

Always build chicken coops by following chicken hutch plans that are available in the marketplace or one that's designed by you, according to your own requirements. If you have large chicken coops to build you should make long-term planning decisions and be ready to allocate a somewhat larger budget for this purpose. It is important to follow the building plans exactly or you will find that you have gone way over budget and have a chicken hutch that isn't suitable for raising chickens.

It is not a daunting task if you simply divide the construction process into several small steps and specify time for each and every step in a logical sequence. There are different tasks that should be done prior to others, arrange them in a logical order so that you can build a chicken coop with ease. For small chicken coops, a smaller budget and less planning is required, they require less effort as compare to the large coops and can be easily built by an individual in a weekend.

There are several other advantages of a small chicken hutch plan. One cheap advantage is that you can find different raw material from within your home to build chicken coops. Although these are suitable for fewer than ten hens, they can also be built for large number of hens. If you want to keep hens as pets or domesticate them, then you only need to consider small chicken coops to build.

These can be constructed under an old, abandoned sheds, discarded children playhouses or simply a small corner of the backyard. Consider fencing the roof of these chicken coops, it will not only protect your chickens from numerous predators but also prevent the chickens from entering into your neighbor's backyard.

If you have decided to build a medium size chicken coop, then you are simply constructing a small chicken house, with a slightly larger footprint with a somewhat higher cost and additional construction time. These medium size coops can be built into a portable design which works great if you need to move the chicken hutch for any reason.

The only difference between the large coop lies in the fact that they are capable of holding a larger number of hens as compared to smaller coops. There are a wide variety of different chicken hutch plans available, which once purchased, can be scaled up or back in their design depending on your specific requirements.

These medium and smaller coops cannot be utilized for an industrial scale business because they cannot hold more than twenty hens. There are blueprints available for chicken coop building projects on a larger scale.

There is no limit to the size of these coops and there is no end to the number of hens that can be kept in these coops if your prepared to do the additional work.

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